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31 July 2006 @ 09:03 pm
Back Online  
Hi Everyone.

Appologies for the downtime of this journal. I've just given it a minor face lift to re-launch it. So time for some updates:

Placebo Extreme has proven to be very successful in the past couple of months. Since our relaunch we've already had 6405 visitors to the site.

Our exclusive online e-zine 'Extreme' is prooving to be very successful with placebo fans worldwide. We've received lot's of positive feedback on that one so I'm doing my best to keep it fresh and enjoyable each month. Don't forget you can get involved with it if you wish. We're always happy to have guest writers and contributers so if you have anything to offer do get in touch.

Also our petition for a new Placebo fanclub is still going strong. We're still receiving signatures from worldwide Placebo fans and our total is 1294 so a huge thankyou to everyone for your support with that.

Our 'This Picture' Forum is still doing very well we're getting lot's of new users lately which is always nice to see. If you haven't registered already then pop over to http://invisionfree.com/forums/This_Picture and register and join in some of our fun topics.

Lastly just this weekend we got the attention of LOUD clothing who asked us if we'd be interested in their affiliates program. We have a banner on our index page on the site which will take you to their merchandise page where you can buy 100% official band merchandise.

That's about it for now. Keep checking Placebo Extreme as we will be adding lot's of new pictures to the galleries soon and maybe some other surprises. You never know hehe

Miki xx
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Placebo - Meds